How to get a professional license for your clinic in Dubai

Setup a clinic in Dubai

Think about the industry where you can invest with the maximum profit expectation… We are sure the first field which will knock your listing is Healthcare. During the coronavirus pandemic, it is only the healthcare industry that got least affected. While talking about Dubai one can establish the best professional future in the healthcare industry. According to recent statics, you can easily predict the future in the healthcare sector. This industry is never-ending but it is better to invest in clinics rather than full-fledged hospitals as they are easy to operate and their running charges are less. Therefore many healthcare professionals and investors prefer setting up a private clinic.

Dubai is considered mainland and free zone for setting up a clinic. If you are thinking to set up a clinic then it must be done after conducting enough market research. Wondering how to set up a clinic in Dubai? Well, this is where healthcare consultants come into play. Consulting a professional will ease your way to the most extent.

Besides the best business platform, the UAE government is also particular for the documents which you may require for opening up a clinic. Medical professionals who wish to start their practice in the UAE need to apply for professional license in the UAE and through this blog, you will get the highlights about the licensing procedure in the region. Let us read more…

There are mainly four licensing authorities in the UAE, from which medical professionals can get their license to start their medical practice i.e., all of these four licensing authorities have their requirements which you need to fulfill to get a medical license.

  • DHA (Dubai Health Authority): DHA licensing authority will issue you a medical license in the Emirate of Dubai. Dubai Health Authority is the health regulator and provider, which operates and owns four government hospitals of Dubai. If you wish to work or do practice in Dubai, DHA license is required.
  • DHCC (Dubai Healthcare City): DHCC is a hub for healthcare, education and wellness for the medical sector. DHCC is having a regulatory branch called DHCR, which will issue licenses to healthcare professionals & hospitals. But the medical professionals who obtain this license can only do practice within DHCC’s territory.
  • MOH (Ministry of Health): MOH license will be valid to all Northern Emirates (the UAE Emirates except Dubai & Abu Dhabi). Both DHA and DHCC are not valid in areas which are under the regulatory authority of MOH.
  • HAAD (Health Authority Abu Dhabi): HAAD will have authority over issuing of license in the territory of Emirate of Abu Dhabi.


The procedure for the license application includes the following steps:

  • First of all, you may be required to pay the registration amount
  • After that training courses will be conducted
  • You need to appear and qualify eligibility exams 
  • Then finally you may get approvals from the Ministry 

Who is eligible?

Medical registration in the UAE may sound a little hectic but once you get familiar with the law and procedures it will scare you less. If you are a healthcare professional who wish to do his medical practice in the UAE then you should obtain specific licenses based on your specialization and your medical profession. Professional license UAE can be issued to medical interns, resident doctors, specialists, general practitioners, consultants, dentists, nurses, registered midwife, nurse practitioner, ayurveda doctors, homoeopathy doctors.

How to get the Medical license in the UAE?

The above-said technicians and doctors, particularly who are from outside the region are eligible and can apply for a medical license, to do practice in the UAE. After the registration is done it is followed by evaluation and certificate verification. Then professionals need to apply and clear fully operational online Examination & Evaluation System (EES). One can apply and attend this eligibility exam from their own country. For qualified professionals, the medical license will be issued.

The above mentioned 4 licensing authorities will have common Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR) for all medical physicians and technicians. But healthcare professionals should apply diverse authorities, to do practice in different locations.

To ease your burden and to live your dream of working in Dubai’s Healthcare Sector we are with you at each step. Consult us today and let us make your way easier…

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